Our Care

Centrally located In Long Island, our state of the art nursing and rehab center is the address for expert, round the clock medical care. At Townhouse, we are continuously optimizing our care: combining the expertise gleaned from over 20 years of experience with current innovations available in the health care industry. Our staff is trained to dispense cutting edge medical services with good, old fashioned warmth and respect. At Townhouse, we recognize that our patients’ needs encompass so much more than just their medical care. A good word and a warm smile are crucial to fulfilling those needs. So are a pleasant environment, comfortable room and stimulating activities. We pride ourselves in caring for all of our resident’s needs, from the physical to the emotional.


We strive for perfection at Townhouse, and pride ourselves in providing a warm welcoming environment for our residents. From the condition of our state of the art facility, to the demeanor of our first rate staff, every part of the Townhouse environment conforms to this ideal.

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Health Services

Our primary job is to ensure that our residents are reaching their highest practical level of function and that all their medical needs are met. We take this responsibility very seriously and our skilled medical team will do whatever it takes to reach each patient's medical goals.

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Long Term Care

We strive to provide each patient with the highest quality of life possible. This is achieved by sensitively providing assistance where needed, while allowing for as much independence as possible. With dignity and respect, we will do whatever it takes to care for each patient's medical needs.

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Our Rehab unit is staffed by highly trained therapists using state of the art equipment, and is renowned for restoring as much of our patients' abilities as possible.

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First Rate Respiratory Unit

Our certified respiratory unit is distinguished by its expertise and professionalism, and boasts the highest weaning rate in New York State.

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While we work to facilitate healing and prevent illness, our personal service and stimulating programs ensure that a stay at our center is as pleasant as possible.

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