Box 399, Minden, ON, Canada K0M 2K0, Find the perfect place for your next stay, Haliburton Highlands Water Trails – Frost Centre. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Tour ST01: Fall Colours in Algonquin Park Highlights: Maple Leaf, Algonquin Park Duration: one day trip departure: Oct. 3, 10, 17, 2020 - cancelled due to covid 19 Jan 14, 2020 - We took a drive up from Toronto, Ontario to checkout the fall colors in 2012, near Algonquin Park and the Oxtongue Lake areas. Image – Haliburton Village by @the.ellemars. Algonquin - Report Date : October 22, 2020. But, if you don’t mind cheating with a little bit of science, Ontario Parks runs an excellent fall colour predictor. Just a short hike off highway 60 before Algonquin … Please note, these are just educated guesses based on historical trends. Algonquin Park's fall colours tend to occur earlier than surrounding areas because of the park's high sea level. Your email address will not be published. Important Information for Fall 2020 Applicants. Best ways to experience the fall colours: View and down load our Haliburton Highlands visitors guide – including maps, resources, Hiking Trail heads, Driving Tours, local destinations and more……. . Our day trip includes a visit to the Algonquin Park Visitors Centre and two optional hikes, one is rated easy and the other one is rated moderate-to-difficult. Ontario Parks Fall Colour Report. Best viewing : The recent wind and rains have knocked most leaves from the trees, leaving nearly-bare branches and many trees have lost their leaves entirely. Sure enough the fog started to clear and we had an opening where the sun came out and lit up the beautiful golden colors below. I have learned to be patient when he takes his camera gear, but Hayden is quite the opposite. I do receive some compensation for products purchased through my link. there are still amazing pockets of gold to be seen and now the floor has been transformed into a mosaic of colour, Early fall colour viewing opportunities: September 14 – September 30, Peak maple fall colour viewing opportunities: October 1 – October 12, Peak golden encore fall colour viewing opportunities: October 13 – 21, See the colours from the water with boat rentals from, Get up close and personal with the roaring sound of water at, Still time to create family memories while searching for treasure, learn more about, Two of the best spots for satisfying your hunger are, If you are driving around looking at the colours why not see if you can find these, See the colours from the water. Ragged Falls–One of the most scenic waterfalls, sought out by photographers. We have always felt safe in Algonquin, in many visits over the last 50 years. Posted on October 21, 2020 October 21, 2020 by Susan Sheppard. He likes to hike in, see, then leave right away. Also, check out Best day trails in Algonquin to enjoy Fall Colours Go hiking at Gatineau Park While technically not located in Ontario, Gatineau’s proximity to Ottawa, 165 kilometers of trails and deciduous forest boasting every possible hue from bright yellow to crimson red make this park a perfect fall destination for eastern Ontario’s residents. Fall Leaf Colour Progression Report. Ontario’s Algonquin Park is known for its fall colours. Peak maple fall colour viewing opportunities are then expected from Oct. 1 to 12, while peak golden encore fall colour viewing should last from Oct. 13 to 21. Leaves are changing quickly and falling fast. We were in the Huntsville area for a couple days, a few days ago, and I would say that colours were at or near peak. Algonquin Fall Colours. Algonquin is a bit ahead of Huntsville, due to higher altitude, so you better get there soon!. The recent wind and rains have knocked most leaves from the trees, leaving nearly-bare branches and many trees have lost their leaves entirely. Dominant Colour : Brown. Once I finally arrived for the night we cooked super and settled in to our evening where we enjoyed playing games at the table. Experience this magic from the wrap around deck of the The Little Algonquin or hike, boat or ride the many trails nearby. See more ideas about algonquin park, algonquin, park. An explosion of riotous colour lies around every bend in the road. Great places to see colours right now are from the Lookout and Outlook Trails. Algonquin Park is the reason many nature loving people travel to Ontario each year. The average for the peak colours in Algonquin has been September 24-27. Fall is the best time to experience Ontario’s natural beauty. For complete event details please follow the … It was like we were transported back to Newfoundland, but with the forest of typical Algonquin surroundings. Hike in the breathtaking scenery of Algonquin Park during the fall season as many of the trees such as maples, aspens and red oaks all change colour. To check the peak times check out the Fall Colour Report. Dan took some great photos of the rushing waters and the fall colors surrounding the river. Sign-up for our Newsletter and we’ll keep you updated on events and ideas for planning your next trip in the Haliburton Highlands! If you follow the link and use the coupon code SUEOUTDOORS10, you will get 10% off your purchase. My boys had gone hiking before I arrived and they checked out Ragged Falls and the Oxtongue River. You can apply to a waitlisted program, but please do so with the understanding that all spaces in the program have already been filled. Weather by car or motorcycle, enjoy the majestic views from the side of the road. The key to getting in a good hike is getting to the trailhead early to beat the crowds, so we headed straight to the Lookout Trial and began our hike. I am an Ambassador for The GTFO Company. Dan did his thing at the falls by taking some beautiful pictures of the flowing water. All data posted here is pulled from reports from provincial parks all over Ontario.