Xiumin learned martial arts and has a black belt in Kendo and Taekwondo.He also trained in Wushu and Fencing. Yoon Jisung EXO-Ls' hearts were recently broken when Chen himself revealed in a candid note that he will be enlisting in the military on October 26, following his bandmates Xiumin, D.O. EXO’s Xiumin comes to mind when Korean military law is mentioned because EXO-Ls fear that EXO enlistment plans will soon come into effect. EXO Xiumin will be leaving soon, very soon! and Suho. Kim Min-Seok (Xiumin) is the eldest member of EXO and is the first to enlist in the military. He was born on March 26, 1990, which means that he will need to enlist in the military before 2019 ends. EXO's Xiumin will be the first member to enlist for mandatory military service. On January 28, representatives of Highlight announced his official enlistment date to be April 18, 2019. 1 EXO’s Xiumin. The idol has confirmed his date to join as May 7. D.O. SM Entertainment have announced that Xiumin… is the second member of EXO to enlist in the country's armed forces this month, after Xiumin entered service on May 7. Xiumin is the oldest member of EXO, so he's just starting the chain of enlistments that will follow over the next several years. Xiumin was born in Guri, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, on March 26, 1990. For those who are new to Korean pop culture, you might be surprised to find out that idols have to serve in the South Korean military. He'll be the first member of EXO to … See the kpop military enlistment table below. Xiumin has reached out to fans for the first time since he officially finished his military service!The EXO member took to fan community Lysn to shar ... says they had a date for 55 hours. BTOB‘s Hyunsik and Sungjae, and PENTAGON‘s Jinho enlisted in the military on May 11, 2020. He wrote, “Hello EXO-Ls~ This is Xiumin! On April 9, EXO Xiumin personally revealed the news to fans through a letter announcing the exact date of his enlistment. On April 9, his agency SM Entertainment announced that he will be enlisting as an active duty … He was a student at Catholic Kwandong University where he attended a seminar and gave a presentation for students in Applied Music. EXO Suho enlisted on May 14, 2020. With his official enlistment date one day away, Xiumin of EXO revealed his newly shaved head on his personal Instagram. If the other members of EXO put off their enlistments as long as possible, the youngest member, Sehun, will be enlisting in 2022. Nowadays, the flowers are pretty, have you seen them yet? Xiumin has confirmed his military enlistment date. It was announced that he enlisted on May 7th 2019. In this table you can see some of the K-Pop idols that are currently serving their mandatory military service, and their expected discharge date. EXO’s Xiumin.