Health Services

With our professional staff of experienced healthcare providers, Townhouse Nursing and Rehabilitation Center fills the need for 24 hour medical care delivered with expertise and compassion. With separate units for short term rehabilitation, long term, ventilator/tracheostomy and dementia patients; we are the address for round the clock, comprehensive, medical care in Long Island.

Upon admission into our facility, we will evaluate each patient’s specific needs. We will then create an individualized plan of care to make the most of their time here. Medical care is overseen by the attending physician assigned to each patient, and is dispensed by our team of dedicated Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), and therapists. Their duties range from the diagnostic to the therapeutic. From dispensing medication and monitoring existing conditions, to ensuring adequate nutritional intake and personal hygiene. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, our job is to facilitate healing and promote wellness.

Our medical team will do whatever it takes to reach each patient’s medical goals; and we will do so patiently, efficiently, and scrupulously.

In addition to those involved in the daily care of our patients, we employ an array of specialists to provide as many medical services as possible to our residents. Whatever the medical need may be, our goal is to address it promptly and conveniently. Under the direction of each patient’s attending physician, all of our staff collaborate to provide optimum medical care dispensed with dignity and respect.

Medical services available onsite include:











Wound Care