If your loved one needs assistance breathing, you can breathe easy knowing they are under the expert care of Townhouse’s respiratory staff. Our facility is equipped with a 40 bed ventilator unit certified by New York State. The unit’s physician, pulmonologist, licensed respiratory therapists and registered nurses all work together to assist ventilator and tracheostomy patients to attain their full potential. Among our short-term ventilator patients, we have achieved one of the highest weaning rates in NY State. Our staff will always be happy to take the time to provide reassurance and answer any questions you may have.

Respiratory Services include:

Ventilator care/Tracheostomy care

Active Weaning Program

Registered Respiratory Therapists on Premises

Positive End Expiratory Pressure Therapy (PEEP)


Bronchial Hygiene

Chest Physical Therapy

Suctioning/ Airway Management

Nebulizer Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

COPD Management

Deep Breathing Exercises


Respiratory Wellness Program

Pulmonary Rehabilitation