It can be devastating to discover that you have lost some of your physical, mental, or sensory capabilities due to illness or injury. At our Long Island rehab center, we excel at restoring as much of those abilities as possible. At Townhouse, we will help you to regain and maintain your independence and quality of life after illness.

Conditions treated by rehabilitation therapy include:

Neurological Disorders


Total Knee/ Hip Replacement



Cardiovascular Conditions


Swallowing/Speech Disorders

Low Vision

Cognitive Loss



How is rehabilitation performed?

Both our short and long term intensive rehabilitation programs are staffed by professional, highly trained personnel, and use state of the art equipment in our fully equipped gyms. Rehabilitation is facilitated by our physical, occupational, speech and pulmonary therapists. Upon admission, they will tailor an individual plan to address the patient’s physical, psychological, and environmental needs and make their time here as productive and comfortable as possible.

Our Physical Therapists seek to relieve pain, while improving strength and mobility. The treatment area for physical therapy includes a virtual rehab program where therapists guide the residents through special exercise routines and activities in a computer generated interactive program. When participating in virtual rehab, residents may find it more enjoyable and exercise longer, thereby accelerating their recovery time.

Occupational Therapists help the patients regain the ability to do normal everyday tasks. This may be achieved by restoring old skills or teaching the patient new skills to adjust to disabilities through adaptive equipment. Occupational therapy includes learning how to use devices to assist in walking (artificial limbs, canes, crutches, walkers), getting around without walking (wheelchairs or motorized scooters), or moving from one spot to another.

Speech Therapy helps restore speech and language abilities and resolve feeding and swallowing difficulties in our residents. Speech therapists will work on strengthening oral muscles and helping patients relearn how to communicate effectively.

State of the Art Equipment

As part of our commitment to excellence, we are constantly upgrading our equipment and providing our patients with the latest innovations available to help them on the road to recovery. Some of the specialized equipment we have recently obtained includes:

Patterned electrical neuromuscular stimulator which uses gentle electrical pulses to stimulate the normal coordination or “firing patterns” that occurs between nerves and muscles. It increases local circulation to assist in healing, reduces pain and muscle spasms, and helps to address muscle weakness.

Used for the treatment of tendonitis, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, arthritis, contractures, and slow healing wounds.

Therapeutic Ultrasound System that uses sound waves to create a gentle healing effect in muscles, joints, and tissues. It helps in pain management, increases circulation to assist in healing and increases flexibility in stiff muscles and joints.

Used for the treatment of soft tissue injuries, slow healing wounds, arthritis, joint pain, stiffness, scar tissue management, and contractures.

Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy uses safe electromagnetic waves to create a gentle healing effect in muscles, joints and tissues. Helps to manage pain, increase circulation to assist healing, treat larger areas like knees, hip or back and increases movement and flexibility in stiff muscles and joints.

Used for the treatment of soft tissue injuries, slow healing wounds, arthritis, joint pain, stiffness, scar tissue management, and contractures.

Active-Assist Motorized Rehabilitation Cycling System that uses a “smart motor” to help patients exercise when they have limited strength, endurance or muscle control. It helps patients exercise earlier in the recovery process to improve function, accommodates patients who have difficulty with movement, mobility, or paralysis, help increase range of motion, strength, endurance, or muscle control.

Used during the process of stroke recovery and muscle reeducation, and for the treatment of Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, COPD, chronic heart failure, joint replacement and other orthopedic conditions.

Please call us to find out more about our state of the art equipment and rehabilitation programs.