Social Work

At Townhouse, we recognize that each resident is an individual with unique needs. Our job is to view each person as a whole, and address all aspects of their care. As such, we attempt to tailor our care to the specific social, emotional, and medical needs of each resident.

Our social workers lead that effort. They serve as the residents’ personal advocates and liaisons. Upon admission, each resident is assigned a dedicated social worker who assesses and addresses their social and emotional needs. They will continue to be there for the resident and their family throughout their stay at Townhouse. From easing the initial transition into the facility, to facilitating discharge or adapting to any change in condition, our social workers will be there to literally and figuratively hold your hand along every step of the way. They focus on our residents’ perspective on their total living experience in the home, not just their medical care; and offer both caring and the resolve to make things better.

The social workers at Townhouse are all qualified professionals from accredited schools of social work or Gerontology. They will use their expertise and training to ensure that your stay at Townhouse, from admission to discharge, is a positive experience.