Dispensing Care

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I know it will be a good day when I see a Townhouse aide come into my room with a happy smile, greeting me with another day here at Townhouse. No matter how I feel when I first get up, it’s always nice to know that I will be greeted by a friendly, happy smile. No matter how many residents they have, they always seem to make me feel like I’m the only one. It’s so nice to wake up to a happy place.

Long-Term Resident Mary Beth C.

The staff here is very good, dedicated and hard working. The CNA’s are terrific. They are hard-working and attentive to all of my needs. Physical therapy and occupational therapy staff do a great job. They have pushed me to achieve independence and success in my everyday life. My therapists go out of their way to check how I am feeling. Sometimes I may not feel the best, but they make sure to push me only to my capability on that day.

Short-Term Resident Brian M.



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Loving Care

We cannot find the words to fully express our gratitude for all that the staff did 24/7 to get our son better and give him back his life. Our son was on a feeding tube, was unable to eat or swallow, and was reluctant to do speech or physical therapy. However, the speech and physical therapists assigned to him worked together to get him to participate in the therapy sessions. We will never forget the determination and dedication of his therapists. Our son began exercising, walking, swallowing, speaking and eating again. Thank God for these people who worked so hard on our son’s behalf. The Townhouse and it’s patients are blessed to have a caring staff.

Short Term Resident’s parents Larry & Elizabeth K.

Everyone’s constant consideration and kindheartedness made my mother’s stay at TownHouse extremely pleasurable. We know she appreciated all the time spent with her during the 12 years she resided at your facility, as much as we do(her children). Thank you for all of your assistance, support, and generosity, which could not be more valued or respected.

Long-Term Resident’s Children Katherine D., Joseph F., & Jennifer K.


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I am writing this letter to tell you how grateful I am for the outstanding care I have received here at TownHouse Center. The staff I have personally encountered, have been so professional. More than that, they are very caring, helpful and pleasant. As you know, that means everything in helping a person heal. Thank you will never be enough.

Short-Term Resident Ruth A.

I never saw a nursing home that operates with as much excellence as TownHouse. They provide high-quality, professional care. I have visited other nursing homes, but have never experienced nurses and nurse’s aides that remain with a smile at all times, such as those at Townhouse. They treat patients who are incapacitated with great care and warmth. I had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life; creed, religion and nationalities and many have become my friends. I experienced so much love and care at TownHouse, that I forgot my initial reason for being admitted. I recommend TownHouse Center for Rehab. & Nursing to others; it was a place of healing for me!

Short- Term Resident Fannie C.




Optimum care

with a

Personal Touch

To all my friends at TownHouse: whatever job you did played a big part in my recovery. Some of you gave me my meds, you prayed for me, and prayed with me, gave me advice, cried with me, comforted me, and were always encouraging, caring for me. Your smiles and talks, I will never forget. I appreciate and am grateful with all of my heart. I thank you for all you did for me. The day I left the hospital, I was told to get my affairs in order, and was given my last rites. They told the TownHouse, “ He is not going to survive this” but with God and you guys, they were greatly mistaken! I feel GREAT! I am proud of all of you, and be proud of yourselves, the job you do day in and day out is great and I am proud to say you are all good friends of mine.

Short-Term Resident Donald A.

Dear Friends,

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to the staff and management of the Townhouse Facility for the wonderful care you gave to my late wife.

My wife had been suffering from lung cancer and brain tumors for the past six years. During that time I was her caregiver and worked with dozens of aides, nurses, and doctors at home. Last year, when she significantly worsened and I could no longer manage at home, she was placed at Townhouse.

I chose the Townhouse because friends give it a strong recommendation and I was not disappointed. At every level I experienced competence, caring, and compassion. From the excellent intake team with Silvie, Erin and Sara, the friendly counter staff, Gary, Sidi and Donna and Nadine, through her social workers Jodi and Suzanne, and of course Doctor “Bags” all were most helpful and attentive.

Most of all I give a big thanks to the aides and nurses that cared for Eileen who were truly family. Although I may massacre their names you will know them. Big Momma, Miss Breevdvelde, Audrey, Janet, Miss Horton, Mdm Tranquille, Sofi and may others whom I don’t know from the earlier shifts but I got wonderful feedback.

My wife passed away May 20. As painful as it was I do know that she was well cared for and surrounded with love by us and her Townhouse family.

Rene P. Fiechter